Sailor rescued after 16 hours under capsized boat


Rescue under capsized sailboat


A 62-year-old French man remained for 16 hours in an air bubble inside his capsized sailboat in the Atlantic Ocean, before being rescued alive by Spanish Coast Guard divers in an operation “on the brink of the impossible”.

The sailing ship Jeanne Solo Sailor, 12 meters long, had set sail from Lisbon on Sunday, and sent a distress signal on Monday at 20:23, 14 miles northwest of the Sisargas Islands off the Spanish region of Galicia with a single crew member on board, whose whereabouts were unknown.

Laurent Camprubi endured 16 hours in his overturned sailboat with barely “30 or 40 centimeters of air” until the Maritime Rescue team managed to rescue him, in an almost miraculous performance and in which the affected only thought of “surviving”