SailGP season 2 kicks off this weekend in Bermuda

SailGP season 2 in Bermuda

SailGP Season 2, the F50 Flying Catamaran World Championship, is ready to begin. This weekend in Bermuda will take place the first of the eight events on the calendar, the Bermuda Sail Grand Prix presented by Hamilton Princess, which will be followed by the Italy Sail Grand Prix, scheduled for June 5 and 6 in Taranto, the first stage European. of the circuit and the only Italian event.

Initially scheduled for Saturday, SailGP Race Management has decided to bring the first day of racing to today due to the light winds expected tomorrow. In any case, the races will be broadcast from tomorrow; In particular, in Italy it will be possible to attend the regattas this weekend both on Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 at 7 pm on the YouTube channel and on the SailGP Facebook page, as well as on the free and award-winning application ” SailGP ‘.

For the fans to live unique experiences, SailGP allows an immersive enjoyment of the evolutions of the catamarans. In fact, if on YouTube and Facebook it will be possible to enjoy the spectacular aerial shots and from the support boats, with the SailGP App you will be able to experience the emotions on board the catamarans at the same time with images on board of your favorites. boats and with the desired camera angles. Always with the application, customizable and interactive, fans will be able to choose from the enormous amount of data that Oracle Stream Analytics provides at all times to crews and spectators, with real-time rankings and information dashboards about the speed of the ships and distance. among them. wind intensity and angle, flight height, travel times, position on the race track and many other metrics,

In SailGP 2021, crews from Australia, Denmark, France, Japan, Great Britain, New Zealand, Spain and the United States compete. The program for each event includes three fleet races on the first day and two fleet races on the second, in addition to the final. Regattas take place over short courses, such as stadium races, each lasting about 15 minutes. The winner of each regatta receives 10 points, the second classified 9 points, the third 8 points and so on until the 3 points attributed to the eighth team. Based on the scores obtained in the five fleet races, the first two classified boats competing in the final race qualify for the final of each of the eight races, the winner of which wins the race.

After the event in the Atlantic Ocean, the F50 catamarans will put on a show in the Great Sea of ​​Taranto, on June 5 and 6, so the first SailGP event in Bermuda is followed with special interest in Puglia.

“We are excited for the official start of SailGp – declares the mayor of Taranto Rinaldo Melucci -. We look with interest at what is happening on the other side of the world and prepare to follow the first competition by imagining the stage of Taranto. The city is preparing to better host this great event and welcome the great names of world sailing. We look forward to embracing characters like Spithill, Ainslie, Burling, and the Italian Checco Bruni. Meanwhile, we will continue the initial phase letting ourselves be carried away by the emotions of the great SailGp athletes. For my part and from the city of Taranto, good wind for all teams ”.