The city of Taranto, located in Southern Italy, will host the first-ever Italy Sail Grand Prix on June 5-6 and will be the second event of SailGP Season 2, following Bermuda in April.

Taranto was founded by the Spartans and, with over 3000 years of history, stands between two bodies of water: the ‘Mar Grande’ and the natural reserve of the ‘Mar Piccolo’ and is known as the ‘City of Two Seas’. The unique natural harbour will provide the perfect setting for the adrenaline-filled racing, in front of a backdrop that marries the old and new of Southern Italy.

The city and its sea, besides being the nursery of dolphins and other aquatic mammals, are home to important museums and ancient traditions, hosted among the alleys, perfumes and panoramas of the old town. In Taranto, SailGP will offer a mix of pure adrenaline and ‘dolce vita’ for a stage that promises to become an event like you have never seen before. An event blending high technology and maximum respect for the environment that will cross some of the most crystal clear waters of the Puglia region.

SailGP has entered its second season with a sense of purpose that goes beyond entertainment. In Taranto, SailGP will Race for the Future – racing for a better future, championing a world powered by nature with the goal of accelerating the transition to clean energy. SailGP is setting a new standard as the first climate positive sports property and will deliver its event in Taranto with a minimum impact on the environment.

SailGP will work closely with the Municipality of Taranto on the common goal of a tangible social and environmental impact through local purpose and impact projects that bring lasting benefits to the region, and by involving the community in SailGP’s Inspire Program – a youth and community outreach program focusing on young people between 9 and 23 years old. The program offers training courses, careers opportunities and racing for young athletes through it’s three program pathways – Learning, Careers and Racing.

Taranto will be our second climate positive event, meaning we have measured, reduced and offset the carbon footprint of the event already, We are really proud to be the first organisation to achieve both the Carbon Neutral International Standard and be part of the UN’s Climate Neutral Now initiative.
Supporting this, we have made sure our fans purchasing tickets can enjoy their time at SailGP knowing their ticket is climate-positive as we have committed to €1.50 from each ticket sale to contribute to a UN renewable energy project.

SailGP joins the list of international sports events hosted by Taranto. Most recently, in October 2020, Taranto held a stage of the prestigious Giro d’Italia – one of the three great cycling tours – and in 2026 will welcome 4,000 athletes from 26 countries to compete at the 20th Mediterranean Games.

The wonderful light, flavours and beauty of Taranto will make the Italy Sail Grand Prix a truly spectacular event that will not want to be missed.

Waterfront fan experience – Free of Charge

Taranto’s spectator viewing area will be located at its historic Rotonda. Just a few meters away from the water, this location will offer stunning views of the Mar Grande and presents the perfect location to host the SailGP spectator experience. We have teamed up with San Marzano to bring you this exclusive environment, including access to live race commentary, concession stands, entertainment (including the awards ceremony) as well as a dedicated Fan Shop that will stock League and team merchandise including must-haves such as cap,s tote bags, limited edition event t-shirts and much, much more.

On-water fan experience

SailGP has partnered with Amat s.p.a. to provide the official On-water fan experience for the first stop of SailGP Season 2’s European leg. With two ticket categories available – Access and Premium – official spectator boats will offer the closest vantage point to the racing and allow fans an unrivalled view of the world-class athletes and supercharged F50 catamarans as they compete at electrifying speeds on the Mar Grande.

Access – €30 + fees

  • Dedicated on-water access and preferred viewing position on the racecourse perimeter
  • Outdoor space with an unrivalled view of the race action
  • Refreshments available for purchase
  • Three-hour on-water experience
  • Departing/Returning – Piazzale Democrate
  • Climate positive ticket – offsetting the carbon impact of your time with us

Premium – €60 + fees

  • Exclusive on-water access and privileged viewing position on the racecourse perimeter
  • Selection of Canapés served onboard, sourced locally and sustainably.
  • Included premium bar with a selection of alcoholic beverages and soft drinks
  • Three-hour on-water experience
  • Departing/Returning – Piazzale Democrate
  • Climate positive ticket – offsetting the carbon impact of your time with us

Bring your own boat program – Free of Charge

Planning to watch the first stop of SailGP Season 2’s European leg from your own boat? Make sure you register your boat below to get the best vantage spot.
Once registered, you’ll receive an e-newsletter and listen to live commentary over VHF whilst watching the most exhilarating race on the planet. In addition, should you register with us, SailGP will ensure your carbon footprint for the race day is offset.