Sailboat in distress at sea – Stormy weather


This is the SY Anita. Anita’s very experienced crew was relaxed, despite 10 to 12 Beaufort of wind, because they knew, the ship could handle it.

Around noon she was hit by a big wave and the ship capsized. Fortunately, it didn’t capsize completely, otherwise she would have lost the mainmast.

The North Sea is only 20 m deep at this point. Anita’s mast tip was about 10 degrees under water. Although she straightened up very quickly, she also took a lot of water.

The crew was anxious about a broken plank, which is why they called the german coast guard.

The footage is taken up about 5 hours later after most of the water has been removed from the boat. The coast guard stayed with Anita in case she capsized a second time.