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Special invitation for RS Aero 7 for Allianz Regatta

The RS Aero 7 will be part of the Hempel World Cup Allianz Regatta from May 27 to June 5, 2022.

This relatively new type of racing boat has been invited by the organization as an ‘Invitational Class’. During the renewed Allianz Regatta in Almere / Lelystad, sailors in this future-oriented class can compete in a real World Cup competition of the International Sailing Federation.


Due to the absence of the ILCA7 class, the organization has chosen to add the RS Aero 7 to the competition field. The ILCA7 sails their World Championship in Mexico just before the Allianz Regatta.

Innovative and forward-looking choice
Event director Linda Bomhof explains the choice for the RS Aero7 from the organization’s point of view: “We wanted a one-man boat that was aimed at men. We were also looking, preferably, for a modern boat that would suit our desire for innovation. That’s where the RS Aero 7 came in, a class in which women can also register. The RS Aero7 is an all round and lightweight boat made from sustainable materials.”

With the ambition to eventually become an Olympic class, the class organization will have a great opportunity to showcase itself even more at World Sailing during the Allianz Regatta. The RS Aero will get a place on the “track of the future.” On this course, more innovations will pass by, such as the robot buoys. The RS Aero fits in well here as a future-oriented and innovative boat. The boat is made of sustainable materials and is also ultralight.

The invitation comes at a good time for the Dutch class organization founded this year, says Marieke Rot-Gijzel. “The Aero class has always been an international class and in France and Germany, for example, the class is quite large. In that regard we are a bit behind in the Netherlands, but thanks to the Allianz Regatta this is going to change There is now a lot of attention and growth in our country. That we can now participate in the Allianz Regatta is therefore very good news.”

Type of sailors
Marieke: “We actually see a very diverse palette of sailors getting into this boat. For example, there are the re-entrants, sailors who have always sailed in the past but who stopped, for example, due to busy schedules or starting a family. We see that many of these sailors pick up their hobby again and choose the RS Aero. In addition, we also see many young people getting into the boat, so there is really a nice mix of sailors to see.”

During the Allianz Regatta, the international class organization is making 20 boats available for sailors who do not have an RS Aero, but would like to give it a try. “For example for sailors whose own class is not present at the event, but still want to compete. The great thing about the RS community is that everyone is very helpful. So you don’t have to know everything about the boat, RS sailors want to make each other stronger. RS is known for good racing, but the social aspect of the class is also important. That atmosphere is also present in the RS Aero”, Marieke says.

Click here to charter an RS Aero 7 during the Allianz Regatta.

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