Rotterdam will dismantle a bridge so that Jeff Bezos’ yacht can go out to sea


Jeff Bezos ‘ yacht

The city of Rotterdam will dismantle the iconic Koningshaven “De Hef” bridge, which was declared a national monument in 2000, to allow the passage of a 127-meter yacht built by Oceanco, commissioned by Jeff Bezos.


Known as Y721, its cost would exceed 500 million dollars. The yacht has several decks and three huge masts. The height of these is precisely what has led the company to request that the central structure of the Koningshaven bridge be dismantled.

The only way to get the ship through is by removing the top of the bridge. The central section of it would only be removed for one day, and the work will be carried out by experts.

Characteristic of its two towers and green tint, the bridge was completed in 1927 and was badly damaged in 1940 during the bombing of Rotterdam. In the early 1990s, the authorities demolished it, but the people opposed it and the project was stopped.

Jeff Bezos’ yacht left the Zwijndrecht shipyard for Alblasserdam in October last year to receive final construction adjustments.