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Replica of Noah’s Ark “unworthy” beached in Ipswich

Replica of Noah’s Ark “unworthy”

A giant replica of Noah’s Ark was deemed unfit to navigate and stopped where it is docked.
The 70m long (230ft) ship, which has been transformed into a floating museum, arrived in Ipswich in 2019.
The Maritime and Coast Guard Agency (MCA) said the ship was not safe to leave due to “deficiencies.”

The ship was bought for € 3 million and its owner, Dutch theater and television producer Aad Peters, wanted to create a “talking point” for people of all backgrounds.

The ship, Noah’s Ark, will remain detained until all deficiencies have been corrected and the owners invite an inspector from the Maritime and Coast Guard Agency to verify that they have been corrected, although specific details of the deficiencies were not disclosed.

Peters bought the ark in 2010 and it took a team of 50 skilled artisans five months to create the museum, which is believed to be about half the size of the ark described in the Bible.


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