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Regatta 33 Miles A3 Valencia

Strategos and Ardora III conquer the Regatta 33 Miles A3

The Real Club Náutico de Valencia opens high altitude regatta with successful participation.

The new RCN Valencia high-altitude regatta, the 33 Millas A3, brought together some thirty boats in Valencian waters yesterday to complete a coastal route to Cullera. The only requirement: participate with a maximum of 3 crew members in a physically demanding but very exciting event, in which the skill of the sailors comes into play when it comes to choosing a course and taking advantage of the wind regime.

The fleet set sail from the Valencian club shortly before noon and, after taking the unmarking mark, set course for Cullera, completing a 33-mile coastal route that was marked by constant changes in the direction and intensity of the wind.

The fastest boats in real time, such as Ziving, Balú, M8, or Archer Dos, all of them from RCN Valencia, as well as Impulso, from La Marina de València, took just under 6 hours to finish the test, taking port before 6 pm, with very tight arrivals that continued with the rest of the participants until the last, with an invested time of 9 and a half hours.

Victory for Strategos IV at ORC
After the compensation of times and having signed a very good regatta, Strategos IV, by Kiko Torrent from RCN Valencia, gave the surprise by proclaiming himself champion in ORC class and beating a priori faster boats. “The wind presented constant changes in intensity and direction, which offers a lot of possibilities. We began the test with a direct heading, with a west wind that later went northwest. When we were between El Perelló and Cullera we ran out of wind, waiting for the Garbí to enter as planned, while other teammates located further towards the land did have wind, ”said Torrent, for whom the key to victory was that in the return section “we took a direct course and everything closed stern, ahead and shortening the route a lot. When we saw that we were entering with bigger boats that was when we realized that we had made a good result ”, he assures.

Second place in this category went to Guaira, by Vicente de Diego from CN Port Saplaya, with a very tight result of only 24 seconds behind, and with Ziving, by Javier Arbona, from RCN Valencia, completing the podium with a difference less than 2 minutes in front of the winner.

Ardora III wins in Open class
The Dianense Ardora III, by Antonio Gadea, was proclaimed winner in the largest Open class, with a score of boats in contention and an equally tight arrival. Second place went to Archer Dos, by Javier Navarro from RCN Valencia, the fastest in real time in this category, and third place for the independent Pampero of Down, by Aleix Sellés.

The Real Club Náutico de Valencia is promoting the cruise class with the aim of achieving greater participation by its members, offering altitude tests, alone or in two, more attractive for cruise sailors and that are combined with the windward classics -leeward.

The trophy delivery was held together with that of the Home – Dona regatta that took place last weekend and was attended by the president of the club, Alejandro Fliquete, and the cruise delegate, José Rubio.



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