Red Sea: A ship sunk in the year 1700 with its cargo in perfect condition


Sunken ship

Egyptian archaeologists identified the central part of the ship and hundreds of pieces and artifacts that were on board a ship, which was wrecked near Saadana Island in the Red Sea.

The Egyptian mission has been working in the Red Sea since 2017, after the first find of the sunken vessel in 1994.

The remains belong to a merchant ship from the year 1700, whose cargo consisted of different types of grains and hundreds of artifacts that included porcelain, pottery vessels of different shapes and sizes.

The remains of the ship were analyzed with a technique that allows a precise three-dimensional model of the ship to be made in order to study its design.

The ship was wrecked during its journey from Asia to Egypt, after colliding with huge coral reefs.

The ship was 50 meters long and 18 meters wide, with a capacity of 900 tons. The sinking of it may have occurred in the 1760s.

The ship carried different merchandise such as: coffee, spices, incense, fruits, vegetables and animals, as well as vessels and bottles.

Egypt was a transit point between the Indian and the Persian Gulf to North Africa and the Mediterranean.