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Record fleet to start 4th edition of AEGEAN 600

An impressive record turnout of 69 teams from 22 nations are making their final preparations for the Sunday 7 July start of the fourth edition of the AEGEAN 600. This annual race organized by the Hellenic Offshore Racing Club (HORC) with support from Olympic Marine will send this fleet of 64 monohulls and 5 multihulls on a scenic and challenging tour of the Aegean Sea.

The 605-mile race course was designed by experienced offshore sailors at HORC to offer fellow offshore sailors the opportunity to demonstrate their skills: boat speed, sail handling, crew management, navigation and strategy will all be tested after Sunday’s 1400 GDT start at Cape Sounio under the gaze of the ancient Temple of Poseidon.

With the pervasive northerly Meltemi winds providing ideal conditions throughout the race area, there are a total of 14 legs in this complex course. After the start the fleet will transit their first gate at the spectacular caldera of Santorini, then proceed south to turn northeast at Kassos towards the north east end of Rhodos. From here they sail west at the start of a zig-zag series of short legs north around several islands and islets before heading west again towards the next gate at Mykonos and the Delos Strait. From there Kea is left to port before heading to the finish where they started at Cape Sounio.

The complete list of entries is available at

Tracking of this fleet will be available using the YB tracking system, accessible on the event website at During the race veteran offshore race commentator Dobbs Davis from Seahorse Magazine will produce a daily show to explain the fleet’s positions and strategies relative to the weather and their competition.

Before embarking on this epic odyssey of the Aegean Sea, the teams will enjoy outstanding hospitality and support at the shoreside venue of Olympic Marine, a full-service facility that offers both berthing and logistic support of the fleet.

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