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Pirelli 42 the maximum of Speedboats

Pirelli 42 the maximum of Speedboats

Tecnorib presented its “flagship” of semi-rigid  Pirelli Speedboats.
This 42-foot semi-rigid, is the first unit in the latest range of the Italian brand, which promises to be an interesting sample of an upcoming 35 feet.

Pirelli has been on the market for years now, with five boats such as the Pirelli 1900, P1400, P1100, P880 and P770, which are a major player in the mega and gigayate market as they are also considered exceptional tenders.

Pirelli 42 the maximum of Speedboats

All of them unique designs that reflect very well the Pirelli brand through the Tecnorib shipyard with the unmistakable halo of sophistication and the recognizable “Made in Italy” stamp.

The Pirelli 42 rib  is the final result of an evolution of the Pirelli 1400.

Pirelli 42 the maximum of Speedboats

The Layout of the Pirelli 42 offers up to three social zones on its main deck.
The solarium area on the bow which offers a sofa where you can sit with your back facing the direction of travel facing the large solarium arranged on top of the superstructure corresponding to the accommodations. This solarium offers an elevation in its head in the third of its total length.
The Pirelli 42 offers large and deep side aisles to travel from bow to stern in complete safety and comfort.

After the imposing government post, there is a full bar.
Behind this large and very operational area, there is a dinette composed of two banks facing each other with a large table between them. Always sheltered from the sun, the area is an excellent social zone.

Further aft there is an immense solarium at the foot of the large bathing platform, in case of opting for double half-inboard engines in diesel or gasoline, or much more spacious for double engines and even triple engines with outboards.

Ergonomics and style give this boat high performance, clearly conceived for the most luxurious segment of the market.


Technical characteristics

Total length: 13,1 m

Beam: 4.1 m

Orca neoprene tube diameter: 0.6 m

Compartments: 6 sections

Hull and Deck Design: Mannerfelt Design

People on board: 14

Fuel: 950 L

Water: 200 L

Available engines


2x 6.2 DTS 350hp Mercruiser

2x V8 380hp Volvo Penta

2x 8.2 MAG HO DTS 430hp Mercruiser

2x V8 430hp Volvo Penta


2x D4 320 HP Volvo Penta

2x 4.2 TDI 370 HP Mercruiser

2x D6 400 HP Volvo Penta


Maximum power allowed: 900 Hp



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