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Pininfarina and the boat that will fly over the water – Persico F70

The Persico F70 is an ultra-fast 70 foot foiling yacht built exclusively for speed

The Pininfarina and Carkeek model is inspired by the AC75 foiling monohulls, considered the fastest racing boats in history.

Its sleek design and luxurious interiors to keep the crew comfortable while flying over the water, does not mean that high performance has been forgotten.

Made with carbon composite, she is a really light boat for her size and presenting an elegant and aerodynamic silhouette.

The Persico F70 is a yacht as elegant as it is technological that she required constant and deep aerodynamic studies to be able to raise her above the sea surface and guarantee exceptional performance.


Shawn Carkeek, its designer, ensures that the “ultra-fast” boat can reach full flight mode with only 10 knots of wind, combining Carkeek’s hydrodynamic expertise with the aerodynamic know-how that Pininfarina have developed over the last 50 years in your own wind tunnel.

She will be equipped with special software (CFD and VPP) to aid performance and management. The blades of it are fully retractable, so the F70 will also be very easy to attach.

The interior is also at the forefront. The open space of it is marked by a series of structural rings that emphasize the length and beam, with a collection of elegant neon lights. The furnishings look space-age, showcasing the interior with room for a double bed.

Pininfarina and Carkeer also collaborated in 2017 to create the Wallycento.

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