Persico 69F – ITAS Insurance Grand Prix 2.1 Day 2


Persico 69F – ITAS Insurance Grand Prix 2.1  Day 2

The last stretch of the Venetian coastline of Lake Garda, north of Malcesine, was the scene of the second day of the ITAS Assicurazioni Grand Prix 2.1 of the Persico 69F Cup.

After six races contested, added to the four of the opening day, in the lead is that Nicola Celon on Fantastica 2 who continues to declare that he is here only to have fun: the young Dutch corsairs must renounce the primacy by two points, and complain about a A maneuver as beautiful as it is illegal, having slipped at high speed between two boats very close to a mark, breaking the “bubble rule” but also showing how much the circuit has matured in terms of dexterity, with helmsmen looking for advantages within the limits of regulation thus offering close and spectacular competition.

Tomorrow the final and decisive day of the ITAS Grand Prix 1.2, while Malcesine is in the mood of Foiling Week, which sees the protagonists of the Persico 69F.


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