PaperBoat – Real-time mooring reservation


PaperBoat is the platform integrated into the management system of marinas and yacht clubs that allows users to reserve moorings in real time from anywhere in the world.

It provides a solution to the berth booking process that has traditionally existed through phone bookings, emails, and web forms.

With PaperBoat, ports simplify their operations and increase their revenues; surfers download the application, browse, book and pay securely in just a few clicks.

PaperBoat is the only online mooring reservation system that can be integrated with Pandora, the most widely used port management software in the world, which manages more than 70% of sports moorings in Spain -more than 50,000- as well as facilities located in Italy, Uruguay and Portugal.

This pioneering platform offers Pandora’s technological solidity, since it has been developed with the participation of its technicians, but it can also be integrated with other management systems, and even allows private owners to upload moorings.

To find their mooring, the user will be able to access the offer available in an area from their computer or mobile device, being able to check availability and prices in real time and make their reservation from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. days of the year.

Another advantage that the system offers is that it allows you to pay online and send all the documentation of the boat and its crew, which is at the same time comfortable, agile, efficient, and offers extra security in the current health situation.

PaperBoat greatly facilitates the administrative work of seamanship, avoiding possible errors in the documentation made by hand, and saving management time. In addition, in a period of health crisis such as the one we live in, it offers greater security, since it allows to have a single interaction with the client, at the time of assisting him in his mooring

PaperBoat offers a unique solution for both clubs and marinas as well as for the boater , since it was born with a clear vocation of service towards the entire nautical sector: to provide technological support to users beyond the reservation of moorings.