Now Conor McGregor would sell his superyacht almost brand new to buy a pub


Conor McGregor superyacht

While it was recently reported that he would be selling his Prestige yacht, it is now rumored to be the Lamborgini

It was at the end of last July when the news broke that the fighter Conor McGregor had acquired a limited edition superyacht for more than 3 million euros, however, he has now decided to sell it and reduce it by 2.2 million euros in order to Buying a pub in the seaside district of Dun Laoghaire, his native Ireland, is more exciting than sailing the seas aboard his boat.

The superstar has put the yacht up for sale for 800,000 euros, in order to acquire O’Neill’s, a pub of almost 1,500 square meters distributed on two floors and that went on the market two months ago for the same amount that he is currently asking for his boat , of which there are only a few units and whose design is inspired by the 1963 Lamborghini Sián.

McGregor acquiring this new establishment, will be a little closer to achieving his dream, having his own chain of pubs in Ireland, since last year he already acquired another pub, ‘The Black Forge Pub’, for two million euros, to which He also invested a million euros more in reforming it.