Neix accompanies his ambassador Santiago Lange in his training for Tokyo 2021

Neix accompanies his ambassador Santiago Lange in his training for Tokyo 2021.

Neix sealed an alliance with Santiago Lange, an elite athlete and winner of 3 Olympic medals in nautical, who at almost 60 years of age and after overcoming a severe illness, decided to once again challenge his own limits and participate in the Olympic Games that are will take place in the city of Tokyo in July 2021.
“Santiago represents many of the values ​​in which we believe. His teamwork spirit, planning, discipline, strategy and tactics, among many other virtues, inspire us to be our ambassador. The conditions of this sport can be applied both for investments and for the economy of a country ”, affirms Esteban Goyheneix, CEO of Neix.
For Santiago Lange this agreement is of special interest, since it highlights the values ​​of nautical with the idea of ​​replicating them in other fields, and makes them fellow travelers from two worlds as different as the world of finance and that of nautical, which nevertheless end up closely linked with each other, with many ideas and objectives to be fulfilled under the same values.
“Boating is a good example to see more easily the importance of externalities, their effects and outcomes. Sealing this alliance inspired by shared values ​​with one of the best athletes in the country fills us with pride ”, affirms Lucas Mieres, Director of Neix.
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