Navier 27 the innovative zero emission hydrofoil yacht.

Navier 27

Silicon Valley startup Navier Yachts presents an innovative zero-emission hydrofoil yacht at the Palm Beach International Boat Show

A young team of MIT engineers has unveiled the Navier 27, a 27-foot-long, zero-emission fully electric hydrofoil yacht. capable of flying above the water surface at 20 knots

The blades ensure a smooth ride over the cut and the minimal wetted surface reduces drag, resulting in the most efficient operation possible. Hyper-efficient electric motors provide the propulsion and other high-tech features include an advanced autopilot capable of controlling both speed and heading, as well as an aerospace-grade reed control system and assist engagement technology.

If the future of navigation is in the foils, the Navier 27 is leading the way.


Navier co-founded by Sampriti Bhattacharyya, who has a PhD in mechanical engineering from MIT. She brings extensive experience in ocean technology to the project, as well as previous experience as an aerospace engineer building flight control systems at NASA.

Navier’s other founder and CTO is Reo Baird. He has degrees in aerospace, electrical and computer engineering and specializes in autonomous systems, has extensive professional experience in the marine industry and is a lifelong navigator who has logged more than 10,000 ocean miles.