NAVIER 27 – The boat of the future

Navier 27, the unmanned electric hydrofoil that is already born with a community of followers.

Here’s the American startup’s first Navier 27 electric hydroplane, designed with the support of future owners

Navier, an American startup born in Silicon Valley, is in the study phase of its first project, the Navier 27 electric hydroplane, an advanced technology ship that will already be born with a community of followers.

The company, given the interest aroused in the first presentation at the Palm Beach International Boat Show in March, has decided to give life to what has been called the “Pioneer Program”, a reserve plan for the first models, which has been tested . in 2022 to be delivered the following year, and to gather supporters in a community.

“The objective – explains Sampriti Bhattacharyya, co-founder and CEO of Navier – is to create a small group of first owners and thus find a community of people willing to support innovation in the nautical sector. Although the intention is to make the Navier 27 available to everyone, the first few examples will be limited. The program is a way of prioritizing those who have supported us enthusiastically from the beginning, waiting for the landing on the market. These clients of the ‘lighthouse’ will participate in the development of the hydroplane, they will experience the first tests at sea and they will give us an immediate response ”.

Navier 27 is a fully electric boat, therefore silent and non-polluting, that takes advantage of hydrofoil technology. Throughout 27 feet, it has a particularly fast and long-range electric motor (up to 75 nautical miles), and a series of advanced technical and functional equipment, also the fruit of collaboration with experts from the America’s Cup.

The retractable wings, once released from the helmet, allow you to glide over the water, while an active control system (derived from the aerospace industry) ensures stability even with sporty riding. In addition, the Navier 27 can navigate even without a pilot, automatically calibrating the speed and cruise mode in all conditions, even warning of a possible danger before it is too late.

Available in two versions, with a cabin or completely open, it can carry up to ten passengers and will always be connected, via smartphone, with its owner.



Length: 27’
Beam: 8’6”
Foiling speed: 18-30+ kt
Range: 75+ nmi @ 20kt
Power: 2x 50kw Electric
Draft: 2ft / 5.5ft
Capacity: 10 pax