Video of mysterious “black hole” in the Pacific


Black hole in the Pacific spotted on Google Maps

Mysterious ‘Black hole’ spotted on Google Maps turns out to be uninhabited Vostok Island, discovered 200 YEARS ago in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, 400 miles from Tahiti

A user posted an image of the dark mass on Reddit, sparking speculation it was a blurred out military base, ‘the island from Lost,’ or even the Bermuda Triangle 

Further inquiry determined it was Vostok Island, part of the Republic of Kiribati, discovered in 1820 by Russian explorers who named it after the ship they were sailing aboard

The uninhabited island is covered in dark green Pisonia trees which grow so densely they can appear like a uniform carpet from above

Nearly 4,000 miles east of Australia, Vostok is part of the southern Line Islands