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Goodbye Genoa, Marina Militare Nastro Rosa Tour Heading towards La Maddalena

The day after the Opening Ceremony, which took place in the late afternoon of Tuesday 14 June in Genoa at the Regatta Village located a few meters from the Calata Mandraccio, in the presence of high-ranking institutional officials, the Beneteau Figaro 3 protagonists of the Marina Militare Nastro Rosa Tour 2022 passed under the Lanterna, the world famous lighthouse in Genoa, at 11 this morning, heading towards La Maddalena where the fleet, expected in 48 hours, will arrive on Friday.

The last official act of the presence in the city of the Giro dell’Italia A Vela, chosen as the location of the initial stage for the second consecutive year, was the “Fair winds” of the mayor of Genoa Marco Bucci, who intervened during the Opening Ceremony, which was also attended by Admiral Massimiliano Nannini, director of the Hydrographic Institute of Marina Militare present on behalf of the Chief of Staff of the Marina Militare, who underlined how “the sport of sailing and the practice of sailing are important aspects in the training of the women and men of our Armed Force. Sailing promotes and embodies the values that are also the fundamentals of our profession: team spirit and sacrifice, courage and initiative. The link between the Navy and sailing is synonymous with maritime culture. A millenary culture that represents an essential prerequisite for the vital and strategic interests of our country. The sense of seaworthiness is also expressed by excellences such as the Hydrographic Institute of the Marina Militare which, as a cartographic body of the State designated to produce the national official nautical documentation, has been serving the country for 150 years as an essential tool for the safety of navigation”.
The General Manager of DifesaServizi S.p.A. did not miss the ceremony. Luca Andreoli who, during his speech, explained how also in this 2022 “…the experience of the Navy Ribbon Rosa Tour is renewed with the wealth of institutional, social, environmental, brand and sports values, which will bring you to experience the seas and some of the most beautiful seaside resorts in Italy. This year the Tour will carry out the complete circumnavigation of the peninsula, touching three new regions, Sardinia, Calabria and Marche, confirming Puglia as a link between the seas. The finale will be staged again in the splendid setting of the Venice Arsenal”.

SSI Events, the third “soul” among those that organize the Navy Nastro Rosa Tour, was represented by the CEO Riccardo Simoneschi: “A great emotion for me to leave Genoa, the city that gives me my origins and to which I am personally very attached, and touch new, wonderful destinations around Italy. The big news of this year lies in the organization of the sailors in Teams, each headed by a team leader. The members of each team will compete in their own specialties between offshore sailing, Waszp and Kite or Wing Foil: in each stage, for these last two categories there will be regattas near the coast, adrenaline-pumping and engaging for the public. At the end of the Tour, the team that, on the whole, will have obtained the best positions in the three disciplines will be declared the winner”.

During the Opening Ceremony, animated by the presence of the Fanfare of the Marina Militare directed by the First Lieutenant Vito Ventre, the Secretary for the Environment with responsibility for Sport of the Regione Liguria Simona Ferro, the Admiral Roberto Camerini representing the Lega Navale Italiana, the FIV Councilor with responsibility for the Sailing Schools, Antonietta De Falco, Maurizio Daccà for the Galata Museo del Mare and Mauro Ferrando of Porto Antico.
Returning to the regatta, the ten crews that started the race this morning on a course of almost two hundred miles towards La Maddalena, will rejoin at their destination with the members of their teams who will be simultaneously engaged in the Waszp and Kite categories, whose regattas will start tomorrow in the waters of the Sardinian island.

The following teams left Genoa this morning on board the ten Beneteau Figaro 3 provided by the organization: Iren (Elena Manera – Carlos Manera), Sanfer / Visconti (Tito Sanpaolesi – Giovanni Poccianti), Aeronautica Militare (Giovanni Bannetta – Niccolò Bertola), Enit (Silvano Faraon – Louis Fournier), Mexedia (Claudia Rossi – Giovanni Di Monaco), Acone Associati (Dominique Knuppel – Manfred Finck), Oman Sail (Ali Al Bulushi – Akram Al Whahaibi), Marina Militare (Andrea Pendibene – Giovanna Valsecchi), IES Algeco (Alejandro Cantero – Ignacio Cantero) and The Ocean Race (Gianmarco Sardi – Carlos Olsson).

Excellent departure for Aeronautica Militare and Iren who, having sprinted on time at the start, immediately gained a good margin of advantage over their pursuers.


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