Marina Militare Nastro Rosa Tour 2022


Marina Militare Nastro Rosa Tour: Formia

It was in Formia, in the Region of Lazio, South of Rome, that the Marina Militare Nastro Rosa Tour 2022 found sparkling weather conditions to complete challenging regattas for Waszp and Kitefoil sailors.

The results of Formia, together with those from Genoa and La Maddalena, converged in the first overall ranking of the event organized by Difesa Servizi S.p.A. in collaboration with SSI Events and the Italian Navy.
Leading the ranking that combines the partial scores collected by the representatives of the teams engaged in offshore races, single foil regattas (Waszp) and high performance boards (Kitefoil) is Team IREN, on the podium in all classes, both in Sardinia and in Formia, where Elena and Carlos Manera managed to finish the offshore race in second place.

Following Team IREN, with a delay of 12 points, is Team Mexedia, tailed, on equal points, by Aeronautica Militare and The Ocean Race, with Marina Militare completing the top five.

In the meantime, in the early afternoon of yesterday, the third leg of the Marina Militare Nastro Rosa Tour started: this offshore leg will bring the Beneteau Figaro 3 fleet from Formia to Crotone. This leg is the longest of this edition and foresees a maximum time of 90 hours. Sprinting fast on the line were Team IREN and Team ENIT, while Acone Associati, first on the finish line of Formia, started early and had to take a penalty before being able to head south.

This was the last official act of Marina Militare Nastro Rosa Tour in Formia: in the evening, after the last concert scheduled at the Regatta Village, the caravan will leave for Crotone, where the event is expected to be particularly articulated.

Already in the late evening of tonight, in fact, the Regatta Village will open its doors at Piazzetta Rino Gaetano awaiting the official inauguration scheduled for Friday 24 June. On the same day, in the late afternoon thanks to ASD Passi Consapevoli, for those interested there is going to be a walk to discover the origins of the city, followed by a guided tour of the exhibition on the environment, where works made with recovered materials from the beaches of the area are displayed. The evening will continue at the Regate Village with an aperitif offered by The Ocean Race – Genoa Il Gran Finale and a concert by The Blooms.
On Saturday 25, starting at 5.30 pm, the presentation of the Marine Protected Area of ​​Capo Rizzuto is scheduled and, to follow, the award ceremony of the Formia-Crotone and the Waszp and Kitefoil regattas held in Formia with the delivery of the Genoa flag and that of The Ocean Race – Genoa Il Grand Finale to the major of Crotone.

Moments, those of 24 and 25 June, which will be accompanied by a tasting of local wines and traditional local foods.