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The incredible “march” of yachts supporting Trump

The incredible “march” of yachts supporting Trump

The “Trumptilla” is a flotilla of 400 boats campaigning for the president in the United States elections.

The slogan is to arrive at 10 o’clock in the morning and, for those who want to bring alcoholic beverages, the suggestion is only rosé wine or champagne to chill in coolers that will be available to guests. It is also advised that everyone should remain barefoot. The meeting place is the Sea Isle Marina, Pier 1, Miami, Florida, where the Infinity, a yacht valued at 1.8 million dollars with capacity for 12 passengers plus three crew, awaits moored.

The jewel will depart shortly after for an original and amazing experience: the so-called “Trumptilla”, a flotilla of 400 boats of all sizes that will march at an electrifying pace along the shores of Miami – in a festival of American flags, tropical music and national songs – to campaign for the re-election of Donald Trump, in the United States elections on November 3.

The owner of the yacht, which has three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a living room with a bar, is Dragos Sprinceana, 41, of Romanian origin, who owns a transport company with more than 470 trucks that circulate throughout the United States. .

Dragos, sunglasses, neat beard, thick gold watch and cigar in hand, greets the guests who are arriving little by little, almost all of them dressed for the occasion: T-shirts with the American flag, “Trumpist” party favors and “hats” Make America Great Again ”. In the middle of a pandemic, the chinstraps are conspicuous by their absence.

Some of the guests bring flags that they place on a stern pole: a blue one for “Trump 2020 Keep America Great” and a red one for “Women for Trump.” Around 11 am it is time to set sail for the north of the city, towards the Bal Harbor area, where it is expected to meet hundreds of boats from different parts of the state of Florida. There the eccentric and original parade at sea will start, a campaign modality invented by Carlos Gavidia, a Peruvian immigrant who fascinated Trump with his initiative, who encouraged him to continue organizing this type of event.

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