The second season of Luna Rossa web series “Challengers for Now”


The second season of the web series “Challengers for Now” is online on the Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli channels: four new episodes continuing the story, which began in June, focusing on the team’s challenge at the 36th America’s Cup. Presented by Prada.

It is a long journey of personal and collective stories, with many ups and downs, always faced with determination and commitment, where the group works and grows together without losing sight of the goal: to win the America’s Cup.

The story unfolds in four chapters that describe the team’s months in Cagliari, before moving to Auckland, New Zealand, where the first regattas will begin in December with the Prada America’s Cup World Series and the Prada Christmas Race (17-20 December December). , then the Prada Cup, which will be decided by the challenger who will compete in the Match Finale of the 36th America’s Cup presented by Prada.

In this last period, training has intensified. It took many hours of sailing to get to know the ship. It is not simple: it is a complex medium, completely new. Carrying it out is teamwork, coordination, communication. It is a relationship of trust that is won day by day, facing difficulties, sacrifices and moments of gratification together.

Luna Rossa is not just a boat that “flies on water”. Behind this ambitious project are hours dedicated to the simulator, hours that the design team and the ground team have spent developing the design and manufacturing the components of the AC75.

An articulated project that has now reached a millimeter definition. The tenths of a gram are removed from the hull to gain the tenths of a knot in the water: because it will be precisely in those very small numbers that the races will be won.

Interviews with team members and exclusive onboard footage enrich the story with a unique perspective into the lives of a group of more than 100 people who over time have grown into a tight-knit and motivated team.

The project was carried out with the creative support of M & CSaatchi – Creative Partner of the team – and the artistic contribution of the production company Utopia. The cameras followed the daily activities of the Team for weeks, thus bringing to light the ongoing challenge of Luna Rossa and showing the viewer what it means to be a Copa América team.

Max Sirena, skipper and team manager
“We are happy to continue sharing with our fans and with the public the stories behind a project as complex as a Copa América campaign. What we want to tell is the story of a challenge, not only sports, but also technological, that involves partners, suppliers and technicians. A 100% Italian challenge, which sees the excellence of our country contributing to the realization of a dream: the conquest of the oldest trophy in the world of sport. Especially in this historical moment we are extremely proud to represent Italy in the world. Now the final stretch of the road awaits us, which will require even more concentration and commitment, to reach the goal, which is difficult to reach, but which we have set ourselves and for which we are here in Auckland ”.

All episodes are available at the following link: