Video:Luca Devoti talks to Santiago Lange about world sailing.

Luca Devoti talks to Santiago Lange about world sailing. © Luca Devoti

Luca Devoti, who was a patron of America’s Cup campaigns and won Olympic medals, is now campaigning to join the World Sailing Board.

As part of your candidacy, you are interviewing high-profile sailors from around the world and getting their views on what the future of the sport should be.

Santiago Lange was the 2016 gold medal winner in the Nacra 17 class sailing with Cecilia Saroli. Santi has represented Argentina in six Olympic Games in four classes, winning two bronze medals and one gold in Rio. He was the oldest gold medal winner of any sport in Rio, and he achieved this victory thanks to a cancer fight – by removing a lung. His two sons represented Argentina in the 49er class at the 2016 Olympics, with Lange’s intention not to participate in the regatta and train his sons, and only later did he decide to sail the Nacra 17.

Lange has also competed in two American Cups, the last with Challenger finalist Artemis Racing in Bermuda. He has also raced in two Volvo Ocean Races.

Santiago Lange was awarded the World Sailor of the Year trophy in 2016.

Santiago Lange, sailing is his life, explains his ideas and projects for the future.

In addition to being one of the finn class’s finest boaters and now a coach, Luca Devoti is best known for founding Devoti Boats, one of the best light boat builders in the world.

Luca Devoti also organized the +39 Challenge for the 2007 America’s Cup, one of three Italian challengers at the event.

Born in Italy, Luca speaks six languages ​​and lives with his family in Valencia, Spain. In addition to his sailing skills and contributions to the sport on many levels

This series of interviews offers some fascinating insights into the shared experiences of two great sailors, even though they have competed in quite different areas of the sport.

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