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Liam Dunkerbeck, U21 Winner of the Gran Canaria Gloria Windsurf World Cup 2024

Canarian Liam Dunkerbeck was the standout of the fourth day of the Gran Canaria Gloria Windsurf World Cup 2024, winning the U21 wave category and reinforcing his bid to defend his world title.

Dunkerbeck triumphed over Greeks Lennart Neubauer and Gregory Stathopoulos, who finished second and third respectively, in optimal competition conditions.

Dunkerbeck, who finished fifth in the absolute final yesterday, showcased his excellent form in a closely contested final, securing victory with a spectacular Double Forward (two forward rotations before landing). “I am very happy; it has been a good championship for me, and I felt great sailing. I’ve noticed a significant improvement from last year, so I’m motivated to keep progressing.” The young Gran Canarian also mentioned that he feels increasingly capable of competing at the highest level. “Next year, I hope to be in the final and win it.”

Lennart Neubauer, a Greek of German descent, pushed Dunkerbeck to his limits, forcing him to execute jumps typically seen only in the senior category. Neubauer expressed his happiness at finishing on the podium alongside his compatriot and good friend Stathopoulos. “I am very pleased with my performance and my sailing; I wouldn’t change anything. I aim to improve my jumps and wave riding and return next year even more complete.” He also noted that this year had “the best conditions for juniors in recent years,” a significant positive, given that more favorable conditions are usually reserved for the senior category.

Gregory Stathopoulos, who finished third, was thrilled with his performance and sharing the podium with his “great friend” Neubauer and Liam Dunkerbeck. “I’m happy with my sailing. I had good jumps and waves in the best conditions I’ve seen in Pozo so far,” he remarked.

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