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Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez. Day 4

Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez. Day 4

Thursday at Les Voiles was fully dedicated to celebrating the spirit of Les Voiles, an intoxicating mix of full-speed racing and good fair play, where patrons and owners challenge each other in a friendly duel or battle, simply for the beauty of the sport and the unadulterated fun of racing and the chance to fight side by side and have a good blast.

After a start to the week that presented the ideal conditions for the validation of all the races, today’s weather offered the boats the opportunity to glide gently in the sun on calm waves.
On the water, various styles were evidenced, including the 55 Club Cup suitors The Kid (JP54 from 2010) versus Ikra (Boyd 1964) and the inter-class feud between the three sublime P-Class ships. Either way, this it was sport in its purest form, demonstrating the beauty of gesture and the elegance of movement.



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