Inside your “Lana Superyacht“ , where Bill Gates celebrating with Jeff Bezos


Lana Superyacht

On October 28 Bill Gates turned 66 years old. And he’s been for the past couple of weeks, cruising the Mediterranean on board Superyacht LANA, partying with Jeff Bezos and 50 guest.

Lana“, built in 2020 by Benetti, is one of the most luxurious superyachts in the world. It is 350 feet (107 meters) in length and features eight luxury cabins, which can accommodate 12 guests. Currently, Gates is renting the boat for 1.8 million euros per week.


Guests were seen taking helicopters from Gatessuperyacht “Lana” to the beach for a party that lasted about four hours, where guests were served local seafood, sushi, pizza and lots of champagne.

After the party Bezos returned to his own superyacht, “Flying Fox“, in Gökova Bay, by private helicopter.


Flying Fox” is bigger than “Lana“. It is nearly 450 feet , with a 40-foot  pool. Its rent costs around 3 million euros per week.

Bezos did not appear on “Flying Fox” last week. But a helicopter was seen transporting people from one of the two helipads on the superyacht.

Aside from a shared passion for superyacht vacations, Gates and Bezos also have a lot in common in investment interests and philanthropic goals, and have partnered to support green energy technology.

But, the  terrible waste of energy Bill Gates contributes to the reduction of CO2 on his 66th birthday by transporting himself on his own yacht and then by helicopter

A superyacht the size of “Lana” or “Flying Fox” emits about 7,000 tons of carbon dioxide per year, or 19 tons per day.