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La Solitaire du Figaro Paprec – Smalls TSS move means big gain for Morvan

A slow down was predicted for last night but few would have guessed there would be a new leader this third morning of Stage 2.

Yesterday evening Alexis Loison (Groupe REEL) was looking solid with an advance of nearly five miles. But Gaston Morvan (Région Bretagne – CMB Performance) made a big move to the Welsh coast and, after benefiting from the first of a SE’ly breeze and getting the change of current first, has gone from a ten mile deficit in 13th last night to lead by 2.3 miles from Elodie Bonafous (Quéguiner-La Vie en Rose).

In essence there has ben a certain symmetry to this leg from Kinsale to Roscoff. Morvan was one of the group who went offshore on the first night and lost out big time. In contrast some of those who gained inshore like Hugo Dhallene (YC Saint Lunaire) are now deep – the rookie from Saint Malo is now 14th and 12 miles behind Morvan.

Right now as they pass the Smalls TSS off the Pembrokeshire coast, there are two groups. Those who stayed out in the Channel suffered light winds and strong counter current. Typically at one point last night they were making no progress against the land whilst Morvan was making seven knots close to the coast. They said this morning

Alexis Loison (Groupe RÉEL) who lead last night and is now fifth reported early this morning, “I just picked up a little wind here is very light, it’s still moving forward. But last night, it was very changeable, so I couldn’t take any sleep It’s true that, from time to time, I fall asleep a little at the helm or in front of the computer. You have to wait for it to pass, then drink a little water, or a coffee. I’m in the lead, so that’s definitely nice. Now I don’t know where the others are. I lost them yesterday, at nightfall. Last night, I went around a DST on one side, and I have no idea if the others did the same as me, or not. I guess not, otherwise I’ll see them. I decided to go my own way, and we’ll see. “


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