Juan Kouyoumdjian’s new Optimist is born


Juan Kouyoumdjian and Lillia join forces, and have created a new Optimist.

The Optimist is called LK21, L stands for Lillia, K for Juan K and 21 for the year of construction, and it is already available and configurable on the website of Ultra Sailing Boats, the Massimo Leporato company that will market the boat.


How the idea of ​​a new Optimist “concept” (which we remember was a 1947 Clark Mills project) was born and how a great internationally renowned designer like Juan K, between a 115 foot Swan and a TP52 or an IMOCA 60 ” he enjoyed “rethinking a drift of 2.36 x 1.12 m (weight 35 kg).

Says Juan Kouyoumdjian, fun is the right word. Juan K likes these projects, they are a real challenge.

In fact, if there is a class characterized by a pure monotype, it is the Optimist: “The measurement system is very rigid, the only differences ‘tolerated’ with respect to the standards to be respected are those made to remedy construction defects”, explains Lillia . “Koujoumdjian intervened in full compliance with the rules, but managed to give the ‘touch’ of him in this case too, playing with the forms, in the camber of the helmet”.


Optimist LK21 is a boat ‘pushed’ to the limit and in performance, which, Lillia assures, can never be considered out of tonnage: “Also because, with the extreme meticulousness that distinguishes us, we have designed the molds using numerical control machines, a unique procedure for this type of boat! “.