iQFOiL World Championships 2022 at Brest – Day 3


 iQFOiL World Championships at Brest

Another shifty day from the East with the breeze coming straight off the hills, causing mayhem for some and jubilation for others across the fleets.

Four course-races were completed in each of the five fleets in what can be described by the age-old “snakes and ladders” cliché.

Consistency was rewarded in spades today with Sebastian Koerdel (GER) scoring 1-1-2-1 catapulting (figurtively) the big German into P1 with a hefty 21-point lead. Will he stay there? Or will this end up being another ill-fated second place? Currently covetting that second-place position is the young Trentino local, Nicolo Renna (ITA) with a 3-12-8-14. A scorecard not nearly as impressive as the German, but good enough to do the job and also a clear sign of how hard it really was out there today. Rounding out the top 3 is Tom Reuveny (ISR) followed by an armada of Frenchies and Dutchies in the form of Clément Bourgeois, overnight leader Thomas Goyard, Huig Jan Tak, and Luuc van Opzeeland respectively.

On the women’s side, Emma Wilson (GBR) was Queen of Consistency with a 2-2-1, although a little slip-up in Race 7 saw her also add a 24 to that otherwise glistening scorecard. Israel’s Shahar Tibi is only 7-points adrift in second place, with the podium places being bookended by Flying Dutch(wo)man Lilian De Geus who is welcoming a return to the front for the first time following the switch from the RS:X.

Other big movers of the day were home-town favourate Lucie Belbeoch (FRA) who now sits in 7th, Dutch-Kiwi Veerle ten Have (NZL) who rose from 29th up to 10th, and Marty Magetti (ITA) who now sits in fourth. The big loser of the day would undoubetebdly have to be the tall Scot, Islay Watson (GBR) who fell from second overall this morning down to 16th at day’s end. Overnight leader Pilar Lamadrid (ESP) has slipped to sixth.

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