International Masters Regatta at San Diego Yacht Club


It’s no secret that the skippers invited to San Diego Yacht Club’s International Masters Regatta (IMR) come with a decorated sailing resume and outstanding accomplishments on the water. In fact, if you ask most of them, they’ll likely tell you that the moments in their careers leading up to now were all in preparation for the International Masters Regatta…or what it stands for anyway – the right to take the helm for three days of intense competition on the water and enjoy three days of nostalgic camaraderie off the water.

Their talents were evident in South San Diego Bay today for the first day of the 2021 IMR. If you look at the scoresheet, you’ll find bullets in the top, middle and bottom of the fleet. The four races sailed were there for anyone to take, but one sailor in particular made day one of the regatta a real “field day.”

Alan Field came out strong, showing his competitors what to expect from the first race. Field pushed into first place in race one, and then sped up even more in race two, finishing with a solid lead against the rest of the fleet. In race three, he was able to stay on the podium and finished in third place.

Races will resumethis  Friday 22. Bring your vessels to South San Diego Bay to watch the races in person or follow the results online here.

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