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Innovative Powerboat Weather Routing Tool by PredictWind

PredictWind’s Latest Innovation Transforms Coastal and Offshore Passages with Advanced Weather Routing for Powerboats.

PredictWind, the leading provider of marine weather forecasts and tools, proudly announces the launch of its pioneering weather routing feature specifically designed for Powerboats. This advanced tool is poised to redefine how Power boaters plan and assess the safety and comfort metrics on their passages.

Power boaters can now confidently make safer decisions for coastal and offshore passages with the addition of integrated safety metrics like roll, vertical acceleration, and boat slamming, offering comprehensive vessel data for a comfortable journey,” said Jon Bilger, Managing Director at PredictWind.

Highlighted Features Include:

  • Fuel Efficiency: Optimizing your departure date not only conserves fuel but also ensures the quickest and smoothest trip.
  • State-of-the-art Algorithm: Built specifically for powerboats, the algorithm takes into account boat drag due to wind and wave conditions. It also uses the most exhaustive ocean and tidal current data available to chart the optimal route.
  • Tailored to Your Vessel: With inputs of boat height, displacement, waterline length, beam, and draught, the model can precisely calculate windage and wave effects for individual boats.
  • User-friendly Interface: Just like using Google Maps, the powerboat weather routing on PredictWind offers a dedicated interface. Chart your journey with simple start and end waypoints, and get all the trip safety and efficiency insights in illustrative maps, graphs and tables.

Key Benefits:

  • Safety and Comfort Metrics: Leveraging sophisticated hydrodynamic modelling, the routing tool calculates potential hazards such as roll, vertical acceleration, and boat slamming. All these insights are obtained using the ‘big data’ from various forecast wave models and the PredictWind weather models, giving users a comprehensive overview of the entire trip.
  • Extreme Weather Alerts: With PredictWind’s alert system, users will be informed about extreme weather occurrences such as thunderstorms, fog, and rain squalls along with seamanship considerations like wind against current. The tool also displays GMDSS weather warnings on the maps.
  • Ideal Departure Window: The Departure planning tool provides comparisons of weather routes for four different departure times, ensuring power boaters choose the best time to start their journey and avoid unforeseen weather disturbances.

For an in-depth explanation on our routing and wave modelling for powerboats, including details on roll, vertical acceleration, and boat slamming, click here.

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