Incredible views of the 310ft superyacht maneuvering along the narrow canals in Holland


A 310 foot superyacht maneuvers very carefully along narrow canals in Holland

The incredible view of a new 310ft (94m) superyacht being carefully transported through small picturesque towns in Holland before entering the North Sea

Photographer and videographer Tom van Oossanen followed the vessel, called Viva, as it was guided for three days last week along narrow canals and rivers, towering over houses, church towers and windmills.

Viva, built by Feadship, has a beam of 44 feet (13.4 m) and some of the sections she traversed were only 46 feet (14 m) wide.

Pontoons were placed at the front and rear of the yacht to get it out of the water a bit, otherwise it would have been too deep for the canals.

Then two tugs were placed on each of the pontoons to maneuver it, pulling and pushing from the front and rear from the Feadship shipyard on Kaag Island to the North Sea via Gouda and Rotterdam.

The crew covered the sides of the ship with very thin wooden planks wrapped in cloth to protect its pearl white finish at the narrowest spots.