Important variety of fish in the Catalan coasts

There is an important variety of fish that we can catch, while we enjoy a wonderful region

As soon as current circumstances allow, taking a trip to the Catalan coast, in Spain, can be a great idea for recreational fishing enthusiasts to enjoy this activity. Obviously, the city of Barcelona comes to mind for all of us, but the Costa Brava or the Costa Dorada also have many places to go out to shoot the reeds, such as Palamós, L’Ametlla de Mar and many others.

We found a good offer of fishing charters in the Barcelona area (whose coasts include ports such as Castelldefels or Mataró, to name a few), which will organize the trip, provide us with the equipment and advise us to have a good day. But if this activity is not enough, Barcelona (that’s how Barcelona is known among the locals) has a lot to offer us, including cultural and leisure activities, such as its restaurants, museums, theaters. Very close to its port we find its famous casino, where we will find many of the entertainment that we have online today, such as the popular slot machine games, surrounded by the glamor of the cosmopolitan city.

But focusing on the fishing itself, let’s talk about the species that we can catch. The Llampuga, also known as “Dolphin Fish”, is very common and we can catch it by surface trolling, without going too far from the coast. The Mackerel (or “Scomber”) has similar characteristics, although its size is somewhat smaller than the previous one; Its fishing can also be done by trolling, but in colder seasons we will find it deep-sea fishing. Another of the classic pieces of these coasts is the Serviola (“Amberjack”), larger (some specimens can reach two meters) and with a trolling that requires a bit more depth.

Tuna fish are wonderful pieces that we can find on the Barcelona coast, although in most cases we will have to go a bit further into the sea. They are highly coveted (in some specific cases their sale can be around large quantities, especially for the Asian market) and we must bear in mind that there are minimum sizes; the local authorities are very strict about that. The Bonito is a piece of great beauty that we can capture by surface trolling. Tuna is the king of catches; Its bearing and size are impressive and it requires a powerful battle to be able to get hold of it, especially if we are talking about a large specimen. For this, in addition to adequate equipment, we will require skill, patience and good physical shape; It can reach up to three meters and the technique varies, from Brumeo to high-altitude trolling, although Spinning can also be a great option. Another tuna that we can find, although significantly smaller in size than tuna, is the Albacore.

We would not want to leave behind other species that may be of great value to a fisherman. Among them, sea bass and sea bream, pieces that can reach almost a meter and with great possibilities to cook them. Also the much appreciated Sepia and Squid; These cephalopods can be captured with the “Tip Run” technique. And if we talk about fish that are well valued gastronomically, we cannot forget the Grouper, with its honeyed meat, ideal for baking; We will have to apply a deep-sea trolling to get hold of it, although jigging can also be useful.

Thus, we have a great option with a fishing trip to the city of Barcelona and other nearby coastal towns. Of course, you have to remember that you will have to obtain the mandatory fishing license and comply with the different regulations. For the rest, it is about enjoying both the activity and what the area can offer us. You just have to plan the visit well, for this it is highly recommended to contact experts in the area who organize charters and, if we come with our own boat, contact the port where we want to find shelter and look for specialized stores for necessary equipment in the which, in addition, will give us valuable advice.