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ILCA Masters World Cup – Day 5


With two days remaining for its conclusion, the ILCA Masters World Cup is red hot

Fifth day of regattas and two new tests in the locker of the 239 sailors participating in the ILCA Masters World Championship that, from November 14 to 20, takes place in Barcelona.

Again, the early morning has been worth it. For the second day in a row, the participants have enjoyed the sun and a stable and intense wind ideal for sailing and competing. Both the Alpha and Bravo areas have had a northwesterly component wind. The wind intensity of the ILCA 7 has ranged between 10 and 14 knots, while for the ILCA 6 it has ranged between 6 and 16 knots.

After adding all the categories 2 new tests, the ILCA 7 have held a total of eight regattas. In ILCA 6, the Apprentices, the Grand Grand Masters and the Legends add up to nine, for the eight of the Masters and Grand Masters. Around 12:00 hours the sailors returned to land.

The Spanish fleet is still at the foot of the canyon. “Josele” Doreste maintains the first position of the Grand Grand Masters in ILCA 7 with six points of advantage over the second classified; Miguel Noguer loses the lead but keeps all his options intact in the ILCA 6 Grand Masters category; Arturo Reina, although far from the intractable Jon Emmett, consolidates the second position in ILCA 6 Apprentice category; Jose Maria Van der Ploeg continues with his comeback, haunting, from fourth position, the podium of the ILCA 7 Grand Masters, closely followed by Toni Roig, in fifth position; and Mónica Azón, in fourth position, awaits her opportunity to attack the podium of the ILCA 6 Masters.

In addition to Doreste, the other leaders in ILCA 7 are the Belgian Wannes Van Laer who again snatches the lead from the Polish Maciej Grabowski in Apprentice; the American Ernesto Rodríguez continues adding first in Master, and they are seven out of eight; and the also American Robert Hallawell leads in Grand Master.

In ILCA 6, the British Jon Emmett continues adding first in Apprentice; Frenchman Jean-Christophe Leydet leads to the detriment of Swede Stefan Eriksson in the Master category; Frenchman Gilles Coadou, with two firsts on matchday five, returns to the lead ahead of Miquel Noguer; American Bill Symes, like Jon Emmett, counts the tests for victories and leads with authority the Grand Grand Masters; and the American Peter Seidenberg, first of the Legends, closely followed by his compatriot Jacques Kerrest.

The attention signal of the fifth day of regattas is programmed at 9 am with the intention of adding 2 new tests. The weather conditions on Friday look similar to those on Thursday. There are two days left to know the outcome of the championship.


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