ILCA Masters World Championship in Barcelona


Miquel Noguer and “Josele” Doreste lead the ILCA Masters World Championship in Barcelona, ​​in their respective categories

After 3 gray days with unstable wind and little or no intensity, the fourth day of the ILCA Masters World Championship has finally enjoyed a sunny day with a stable and intense wind, which has allowed the two scheduled tests to be disputed under optimal conditions for competition.

Once again, thanks to the success of the program change by the organization, the 239 sailors got up early to complete the day smoothly. The ILCA 6 have enjoyed an average northwest wind of 12 knots with peaks of up to 16. While the ILCA 7 have had an average of 10 knots with peaks of 12. At 11:15 hours the sailors returned to land.

Thus, after adding all the categories 2 new tests, the ILCA 7 have held a total of six regattas. In ILCA 6, the Apprentices, the Grand Grand Masters and the Legends add up to seven, for the six of the Masters and Grand Masters.

Spanish Olympic sailing continues to show that “he who had, retained.” So much so that, in addition to the leadership of the Canarian “Josele” Doreste in the ILCA 6 Grand Grand Master category, the Catalan Miquel Noguer, Olympic gold medalist in Moscow and sailor of the Club Nàutic Masnou, joins the party leading the Grand Masters of the ILCA 6.

Besides Doreste, the other leaders in ILCA 7 are Maciej Grabowski of Poland, tied with Wannes Van Laer of Belgium, in Apprentice; the American Ernesto Rodríguez continues adding first in Master; and the also American Robert Hallawell in Grand Master.

In ILCA 6, the British Jon Emmett adds two new firsts, and there are already seven, in Apprentice; the Swede Stefan Eriksson leads the Master category; American Bill Symes, like Jon Emmett, counts the tests for victories and leads with authority the Grand Grand Masters; and the American Peter Seidenberg, first of the Legends.

The attention signal of the fifth day of regattas is programmed at 9 am with the intention of adding 2 new tests. Thursday’s weather conditions look similar to Wednesday’s.