Hydrofoiler XE-1 Bike . Cycling on water

Hydrofoiler XE-1 Bike
Cycling on water

Manta5, a New Zealand company, offers a new “floating device”, a hydrobike, that reproduces the experience of cycling on water.

In this way, it has bet very strongly on technology and innovation to develop a new experience that combines sport and entertainment.

Manta5 is ready to revolutionize water sports with an official launch at the Cannes Yachting Festival.

This innovation, in addition to being respectful with the environment, immediately became an international success at its launch at the Consumer Electronics Fair (CES) 2020.

This category of pleasure craft is completely new and is currently riding the crest of the “vacation” and “wellness” trends, demonstrating the demand for this new sport, “hydrocycling”.

The first bicycle available is the XE-1, it has a model of pedals with electric assistance to which users can change the level of assistance from the motor.
Cyclists looking to do the maximum physical effort can reach speeds of 11 knots and up to 4 hours of autonomy.

Hydrofoil bikes are made of aircraft-grade carbon fiber and aluminum, materials that make them buoyant and light enough to carry. The XE-1 sells for € 7,990

+ INFO: https://manta5.com/