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How To Make A Paper Boat

Paper Boat

Just follow our step by step guide and in a flash you will have a paper boat that floats.


In folding a paper boat you will make a step in Origami technique,creative and innovative world of paper formatting.

How To Make A Paper Boat Step By Step

  • Start from a rectangle. Fold in half.
Step 1
  • Fold in half again and unfold.
Step 2
  • Fold to the center.
Step 3
  • Fold the overlapping strip upwards.
Step 4
  • Fold corners backwards. Turn over.
Step 5
  • Fold strip upwards.
Step 6
  • Open.
Step 7
  • Fold triangle upwards. Repeat behind.
Step 8
  • Open (like in the steps 7 and 8).
Step 9
  • Take upper corners and stretch out.
Step 10
  • Your boat is finished.

We hope that you found this instructions useful.

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