Gran Canaria Windsurf World Cup crowns Daida Ruano and Philip Köster


Gran Canaria Windsurf World Cup crowns Daida Ruano and Philip Köster

It seems that Pozo Izquierdo had reserved the wind gusts for the last day of competition at the Gran Canaria Windsurfing World Championship, hovering around 37 knots, which has allowed the double elimination of both the men’s and women’s divisions to be completed in a single day.


Daida Moreno, the queen of Pozo, kept her crown and the Spanish victory in the women’s division after defeating her sister, Iballa, twice and the world’s first, while the German-flagged Canarian, Philip Köster, remained unbeatable.

The awards ceremony was attended by the three times world motorcycling champion, Dani Pedrosa, a windsurfing enthusiast.

Thanks to this second round, Daida Ruano, the “queen of Pozo”, kept her crown after beating her sister, Iballa, during the final of the double elimination and, again, in the absolute final for dominating in Pozo Izquierdo, a beach where Iballa has only managed to beat Daida twice. “It’s been almost three years of hiatus, I’m super happy that this event is back with all the world scene we have, happy to be able to enjoy the water today, happy to have my son here with me, although we will see each other next year,” said Daida, who also congratulated Björn Dunkerbeck for the organisation.

Overall ranking wave men 2022

    • 1. Philip Köster (Germany)
      2. Marcilio “Brawzinho” Browne (Brasil)
  • 3. Victor Fernandez (Spain)

Overall ranking wave women 2022

    • 1. Daida Ruano Moreno (Spain)
      2. Iballa Ruano Moreno (Spain)
  • 3. Sarah-Quita Offringa (Spain)

2022 Gran Canaria PWA Windsurf World Cup Juniors

Girls Under 17

      • 1. María Morales Navarro (Spain)
      • 2. Sol Degrieck (Belgium)
      • 3. Annagiulia Piccaglia (Spain)

Girls Under 20

      • 1. Alexia Kiefer Quintana (Germany)
      • 2. Isabel Trivino Delgado (Spain)
      • 3. Julia Pasquale (Spain)

Boys Under 20

      • 1. Liam Dunkerbeck (Spain)
      • 2. Titouan Flechet (France)
      • 3. Hayata Ishii (Japan)

Boys Under 17

      • 1. Tobias Bjornaa (Denmark)
      • 2. Anton Richter (Germany)
      • 3. Carlos Kiefer Quintana (Germany)

Boys Under 15

      • 1. Peter Gobisch (Germany)
      • 2. Arthur Van den Brande (Belgium)
    • 3. Javier Escribano Toribio (Spain)