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Golden Globe Race and Sydney to Hobart Fleet meet in Storm Bay

Kirsten Neuschäfer in the lead?

  • Top three sail through Tasmania while crossing paths with the Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race in Storm Bay.
  • Kirsten gained 500 miles on leader Simon Curwen arriving one day behind him at the halfway gate and technically in the lead with top three boats within 450 miles.
  • Storm fast approaching Elliott Smith with mast issues and Michael Guggenberger becalmed and struggling just short of the Hobart Gate.
  • Simon Curwen flies across the Tasman Sea rounding New Zealand 300 miles ahead of Kirsten.
  • Guy Waites likely to retire from the GGR, not able to make the Hobart Gate in time.

Boxing Day is always a special day in Australia as the Sydney to Hobart Race fleet rushes south towards Tasmania. This long-standing sailing event is famous for its Maxi Yachts competing for line honours, and notorious bad weather in the Bass Strait between Australia and Tasmania. This year, northerly winds building up to gale force on the approaches of Tasmania meant a possible new race record for the maxis, ahead of the standing 1 day, 9 hours, 15 minutes LDV Comanche record, but also brought storm warnings for Simon and Kirsten in the Tasman Sea. After passing the Hobart Gate, Simon has taken the lead once again, rounding New Zealand with a strong 300-mile lead while Kirsten holding 2nd struggles in light winds and Abhilash closes from behind

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