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Gold and bronze for Spain in the 470 World Cup

Gold and bronze for Spain in the 470 World Cup

– Spain confirms its chances of a medal in the next Olympic Games with the world gold of Silvia Mas and Patricia Cantero and the bronze of Jordi Xammar and Nicolás Rodríguez
– In RS: X Blanca Manchón finishes seventh and Sergio Escandell is the best Spanish in masculine, eighth
– The minimum wind conditions have pushed to the limit the dispute of the Medal Races, final regattas of this 470 World Championship and RS: X European Championship

Santander 03/13/2021.- Vilamoura closes the 470 World Cup and the RS: X European Championship with a heart attack ending in the 470 World Championship, in which the Spanish Olympic team adds a gold and a bronze to its record, signed by Silvia Más and Patricia Cantero and Jordi Xammar and Nicolás Rodríguez respectively.

Two metals achieved in the most important championship of the Olympic cycle and that confirm the great chances of medals that the Spanish Olympic team, the ESP Sailing Team, has in this discipline.

The start of the women’s Medal Race, with Silvia Mas and Patricia Cantero as leaders, was delayed due to instability in the wind, with two postponements on the brink of the start and cancellation of the first attempt. The third time was the charm, with the wind at the limit of the impossible, to experience a heart attack Medal Race. The Spanish have covered the route sailing along the razor’s edge, with no wind to push them and putting the title on a woe to the same finish line. A fourth place in the Medal confirmed the gold for Spain in this World Championship, with the Dutch Zegers and Berkhout in the second step and the Italians Berta and Caruso closing the podium.

Silvia Mas celebrates her gold, while she praises the qualities of her crew: “I have no words; we have been fighting all week six days one after another, until the Medal. The cancellation of the first regatta today was a stick because we were going very well and in the final we had moments in which we were losing the gold, but we never gave up. Right now we are happy because we are there, at a good level, although facing the Olympics. it means nothing because there will be another regatta. Everything I say about Patricia is little, she has proven to be the best and with a very clear head to keep calm at all times ”.

And Patricia Cantero highlights the strong struggle that has taken place in this difficult World Cup from beginning to end: “I don’t know what to say; I am in a cloud, because the week and more today has been very, very complicated. We have worked very hard to be here. We have won a very hard-fought World Cup and it remains in my head that, in addition, this is going to be the last women’s 470 World Cup to be held.

The men’s 470 fleet, with Jordi Xammar and Nicolás Rodríguez, had unfavorable wind conditions for our Olympic crew, with just 7 knots. The Spaniards took the first mark in tenth place and began a comeback that was scratching positions section by section to cross the finish line in seventh position, taking bronze in this 2021 World Cup. A third place loaded with value for the Spaniards, whose Optimum wind conditions are above the average offered by this world championship, thus proving to have opened its range of conditions, thereby expanding its medal options at the next Tokyo Olympic Games.

Jordi Xammar was satisfied with the work done during this championship and with what he learned in the waters of Vilamoura: “We are happy; It has been a difficult World Cup but it is a medal in a consecutive World Cup (silver 2019) and that is to be proud of the work. Now and face to the Olympics. we have to keep working hard, there are just over three months left and we are going to go full throttle. From this World Cup we have drawn very positive conclusions that will surely help us face Tokyo ”.

The gold has been for the Swedes Dahlberg and Bergström, leaders from the third day. The Swedes, who regularly share training sessions with the Spanish crew, are third in the World Ranking and were European champions in the last continental held in 2019. Silver went to the Portuguese Costa and Costa, who have asserted their knowledge of the waters of Vilamoura to sign an excellent result.

In the RS: X European Championship, Blanca Manchón faced the Medal Race from seventh position, since she has known how to defend in this difficult day, in which we have seen how the Italian Zofia Noceti lost the silver after adding a last one in the Medal, won by the Dutch Lilian de Geus who thus achieved the runner-up position behind the French Charline Picon, who renews her European champion title.

In RS: X Men, Sergi Escandell has finally been the best Spanish classified with an eighth place in the general, followed by Ángel Granda, ninth. The new European champion is the Dutch Kiran Badloe, accompanied on the podium by the Italian Mattia Camboni and the Israelite Ofek Elimelech, second and third respectively.

World Championship 470
Final classifications.- Day 6 – 11 regattas + Medal Race

470 Female
1.- ESP – Mas / Cantero: 5-1- (8) -6-1- (15) -5-9-8-9- (19) -8 = 75 pts.
2.- NED – Zegers / Berkhout: 7-3- (22) -10-8-14-3-3-4-15-6 = 76 sts.
3.- ITA – Berta / Caruso: 11-4-5-4-19- (29) -6-1-12-7-5-10 = 84 pts.

470 Male
1.- SWE – Dahlberg / Bergström: 4-1-5- (15) -3-9-2-3-3-6-10-6 = 52 sts.
2.- POR – Coast / Coast: 2-9-7-2- (23) -2-4-1-6-10-14-16 = 73
3.- ESP – Xammar / Rodríguez: 1-7-2-1-19-3-20-8-2- (23) -1-14 = 78 pts.


RS European Championship: X
Final classifications.- Day 6 – 10 regattas + Medal Race / 11 Regattas

RS: X Female
1.- FRA – Charline Picon: (11) -1-1-1-2-7-7-8-5-2-6 = 40 sts.
2.- NED – Lilian de Geus: (10) -2-5-3-3-4-6-9-2-9-2 = 45 sts.
3.- POL – Zofia Noceti: ​​3-7-3-26-2-3-6-3- (11) -20 = 55 sts.
7.- ESP – Blanca Manchón: 5-4-7-7-5- (10) -5-7-9-3-18 = 70 sts.

RS: X Male
1.- NED – Kiran Badloe: 1-9- (40) -5-1-1-1-2-9-6-2 = 37
2.- ITA – Mattia Camboni: 5-5-2-1-2-7-5- (13) -7-7-6 = 47 pts.
3.- ISR – Ofek Elimelech: (17) -1-1-2-10-4-2-1-4-8-14 = 47 pts.
8.- ESP – Sergi Escandell: 6-4-8-14-13-5-12-7-15- (23) -12 = 96 pts.
9.- ESP – Ángel Granda: 4-12-13-10-5- (18) -11-4-2-16-20 = 97 pts.
11.- ESP – Iván Pastor: 14-2-10-18-18- (20) – (22) -11-6-2-3 = 84 pts.
18.- ESP – Juan Manuel Moreno: (29) -10-4-20-14-22-19-20- (24) -12-19 = 140 pts.
27.- ESP – Tomás Vieito: 23-29-21- (30) -22-15-17-26-19- (40) -20 = 202 pts.
29.- ESP – Joan Carles Cardona: 24-33-28-28-31- (37) – (38) -24-16-9-23 = 216 pts.


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