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Global Solo Challenge reaches 40 entries !!!

After the quiet Christmas period, 2022 started with several good news for the Global Solo Challenge. 

First, we received two new entries bringing the total to 40. It is such an incredible milestone for the event. We never imagined the first edition of the Global Solo Challenge could receive so much interest. Announcements will follow as soon as the skipper’s entry information is received and complete. 

Another half a dozen skippers are intending to enter in the coming months. Several more are still doing their homework to decide if the project is feasible considering work, family and finances. We can only expect the total number of entries to continue growing. We are thrilled about it.

We can also anticipate that we will be making a significant sponsorship announcement in a few weeks. We are delighted to have secured such support and endorsement relatively early ahead of the event. Other negotiations are in the pipeline and will hopefully come to fruition soon.

The resources will be essential in achieving our next goal: creating a multi-language editorial room. We are in the process of selecting resources with the competencies required to handle the complex workflow of information from skippers, organisers, external writers, all requiring translations, a coherent content plan and the ability to deliver the event to the public in an enjoyable way both on the website and through social media channels.

The website has received significant upgrades in the past few months. At first sight, the website is much simpler than it used to be. We made a conscious shift to delivering a mobile-first experience, including changing the structure of the site for a super-fast user experience. With 80% of our readers using mobile phones to access the site, focussing on desktops users was not the right way forward. 

The upgrade includes the possibility for skippers to upload directly to the website their updates, whether in text, photo or video format. The raw, unfiltered flow of information will bring the event to life. The editorial room will integrate the site with analysis, translations and regular commentaries, including video streaming and live interviews. The event will focus on the stories and feats of the skippers and will bring them to the audience who will be following the boats’ progress on the event satellite trackers page.

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