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Global Solo Challenge announcing the 6th Entry for the 2027-2028 – Jérôme Delire

The Global Solo Challenge (GSC) is proud to announce the 6th official entry for the 2027-2028 edition: Belgian sailor Jérôme Delire. With over 100,000 nautical miles sailed and a deep-seated passion for the ocean, Jérôme brings a wealth of experience and a profound love for solo sailing to the event.


Born in Brussels in 1985 into a family of musicians and artists, Jérôme Delire’s affinity for the sea emerged early in his life. From his first experiences sailing an Optimist at the age of 7, to completing a circumnavigation of the globe via the Equator in 2019. Jérôme’s journey has been marked by numerous achievements, including eight transatlantic crossings and ten years with the Belgian Sailing Team, where he participated in both European and World Championships in dinghy sailing.

Delire’s entry into the Global Solo Challenge will be aboard his boat, MASAÏ, a Class40 Pogo 40S2 (Finot-Conq). Launched in 2011, MASAÏ has clocked over 90,000 miles and remains in excellent condition thanks to meticulous maintenance by its previous owners. The boat’s most recent major race was the 2022 Route du Rhum, with Victor Jost at the helm. Delire’s commitment to sustainability and resourcefulness aligns perfectly with the GSC’s philosophy of reusing and adapting existing boats for large-scale projects.

Jérôme Delire’s motivation for participating in the GSC stems from a desire to push his limits and embark on a major sailing project. His preparation for the challenge is already underway, with a dedicated support team working behind the scenes since 2023. Delire aims to gather as many miles as possible before the start, rigorously testing his equipment to ensure it is GSC-ready.

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