GKA Hydrofoil Freestyle World Cup Brazil Podium


Fortaleza, Brazil has been the ideal location for this second edition of the GKA Hydrofoil Freestyle World Championship 2021. On Sunday afternoon, our event winners, and our new World Champions, were crowned in front of the Fortaleza crowds.

The Hydrofoil Freestyle disciple is rapidly growing, and there is no better location to showcase its rapid evolution than here in Fortaleza, Brazil.

On Sunday afternoon, we crowned the Hydrofoil Freestyle World Champions only in the Men’s division. As there are only four women registered to compete at this event, they did not compete for a World Championship title, as that requires a minimum of six participants.


GKA Hydrofoil Freestyle World Cup Brazil Podium


GKA Hydrofoil Freestyle World Cup Brazil Podium

Event winners:

1. Maike Elise Mueller (DEU)
2. Kylie Zarmati (USA)
3. Samuela Mule (ITA)

Event Winners and World Champions:

1. Charles Brodel (FRA)
2. Maxime Desjardins (FRA)
3. Robin Steward (CAN)

It’s been an incredible week of action for this new, rapidly-evolving discipline, and we look forward to seeing even more incredible tricks next year, as each rider is really helping to push the sport further and further each season.

Thank you to our event organizers, crew, and amazing athletes for making this year’s event such a success, and we look forward to returning to the shores of Fortaleza next year once again.

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