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Garmin onDeck system. Always stay connected to the boat.

Garmin onDeck system

Always stay connected to the boat with the Garmin onDeck system

Garmin, the world leader in satellite navigation, announced onDeck, the new system that allows remote control and management of the boat.
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This innovative black box module allows you to control up to 5 users and receive updates on battery voltage, bilge activities, temperature variations, the status of the base power supply and, in general, of all NMEA 2000 sensors interconnected, all via smartphone or tablet thanks to the free ActiveCaptain® app.

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Thanks to onDeck, it is therefore possible to be in full control of your ship wherever you are, so you can constantly monitor the situation and be able to organize the experience at sea even before you get on board.

The main functions include the possibility to configure alarms and notifications about the change of status of the connected sensors, such as setting an alarm signal for an active safety sensor or to move your boat: the integrated GPS sensor, in fact, lets you allows you to customize a geofencing area beyond which it is not possible to exit without activating the alarm notification.

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Thanks to an excellent archiving process in the Cloud, all the data received from your vessel will be archived for up to 30 days and, through the global 3G / 4G coverage of GTB 10 OnDeck Hub (via subscription), will be available at en any moment.
Thanks to a backup battery built into the OnDeck system, autonomous operation is guaranteed up to 48 hours after the on-board battery is depleted or disconnected.
onDeck is an intuitive system and easy to install, but it requires the support of a specialized technician to find the optimal position and the perfect orientation to take full advantage of all the functions of this technology, in particular:

• Wi-Fi integrated in the black box thanks to which it is possible to connect your tablet / smartphone to the on-board instrumentation, thus acting as the brain of the boat and directly managing the utilities
• Maximum signal precision thanks to the built-in high-speed sensitivity GPS antenna To take full advantage of the potential of onDeck it is necessary to subscribe to a data subscription, available in two types to better suit the owner’s needs: the annual plan and the monthly. The new black box module is compatible with the GPSMAP 722/922/1222 Plus series chartplotters and the GPSMAP 8400 series of maxi-displays.

The new onDeck is available from September at a price of $ 900.
The package includes the OnDeck hub, an intrusion sensor, a temperature sensor, a voltage sensor, a relay switch (12V), the power cable and the connection cables to the on-board network.

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