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Future-E: the boat that flies over the waves


Future-E is an eco-sustainable electric boat, a synthesis of the nautical, aeronautical and automotive industries; supported by four blades that allow you to fly over the waves


Its four retractable wings allow it, in combination with electric motors, to navigate in maximum comfort with minimum use of energy.

The eco-sustainable materials with which it is built maximize its respect for the environment.

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An avant-garde design, external and internal, gives it a strong and powerful personality.

Future-E is a proposal by Centrostiledesign, the company led by Davide Cipriani, for sustainable mobility on the water, which follows the latest trends in the field of yacht design.

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Using the sheeting as boat mounts improves boating performance and, by minimizing friction with the water, allows for limited power use.

An integrated kinematic system, similar to the suspensions of Formula 1 cars, manages in synchrony, with electro-hydraulic actuators, the movement of the blades with independent dynamics, under the control of a single control unit, equipped with a gyroscope, which manages each element.

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The foils and hull have been tested and developed with simulations in a virtual naval tank (CFD), where the physics and all flow characteristics are checked.
The Foil Integrated Kinematic System is capable of simultaneously managing the opening of the blades and the angle of attack.

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In this super sports boat, the blades are perfectly integrated into the Future-E profile, limiting its volume in the shape of its body.

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Inside it has capacity for the pilot and three passengers.

The dashboard is a combination of wraparound displays, with all the navigation and engine data.

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Its structure, blades and rudders are made of carbon fiber, produced from 100% recycled fiber, with structural reinforcements in recycled foam.

Future-E is a zero impact boat: zero CO2 emissions, zero noise, zero waves.

She has two propulsion options. Outboard or inboard engines coupled to surface propeller propulsion, being able to reach a maximum speed of more than 30 knots.

As the speed of the boat increases, the blades begin to lift Future-E. When it reaches 8 knots, the Foil Assisted mode starts; at 16 knots it goes into Full Foiling mode, minimizing water resistance.

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