Formula E1 – RaceBird’s first electric boat competition

Formula E1 – RaceBird

The creators of the E1 Series Alejandro Agag, President of E1, and Rodi Basso, CEO of E1, were accompanied to the studio by Raffaele Chiulli, President of the International Power Boating Federation (UIM), together with the founder of SeaBird Technologies Sophi Horne, and by the founder and CEO of Victory Marine Brunello Acampora.


The boat has a totally new design and was co-created by Horne and Acampora following a meticulous verification process. The RaceBird is inspired by nature, particularly reminiscent of birds circling above the water, and is equipped with an electric outboard motor, enclosed protective cockpit and e foil.


Thanks to the use of hydrofoils, the RaceBird electric boat can rise above the water surface, minimizing friction and ensuring maximum energy efficiency.
Rising above the waves not only improves performance but also guarantees more exciting competitions because by reducing the wake wave, it allows competitors to overtake and close engagements.

RaceBird has been specially designed for foil-to-foil competitions and will be able to reach speeds of up to 50 knots (93 km / h), with the riders having the opportunity to show off all their skills on closed and technical circuits, positioned close to the urban centers.

Once the design phase has been completed and a definitive design has been reached, RaceBird is now entering the next production phase which, in the coming months, will see Victory Marine’s engineers concentrating their efforts and resources on building a complete fleet of boats ready for competition.

Alejandro Agag, co-founder and President of E1, commented: “With the new RaceBird boat design, which you see today, we hope to accelerate a change in boating and provide sustainable solutions for future pleasure boats. The new boat that Sophi [Horne] and Brunello [Acampora] have designed looks like a spaceship. I’ve compared electric racing cars to Star Wars podracers in the past, but RaceBird looks even more futuristic. We look forward to kicking off a new era of electric boat racing. ”

Rodi Basso, co-founder and CEO of E1, adds: “I will put on my engineer hat for a second to say that RaceBird presents a unique challenge that the teams at SeaBird Technologies and Victory Marine have completed. They managed to develop an innovative model with an attractive design and also considered functional solutions so that it was in fact ready to compete. Soon we will also announce our partners regarding the aspect of propulsion and on-board electronics; soon we will see the boats in the water. ”

Sophi Horne, founder of SeaBird Technologies: “It is wonderful to finally be able to share the new RaceBird design with everyone. Obviously I’ve seen it on screen very often in recent months! But it’s great to be able to show the new look of the boat that the pilots will be racing with. The shape and body of the model are inspired by nature, especially by birds flying just above the surface of the water. It was interesting to find a balance between the design, as imagined in the beginning, and the best shape that would allow to optimize performance and efficiency. Fortunately, with the solution we have chosen, we have not had to compromise either in terms of appearance or performance “.

Brunello Acampora, founder and CEO of Victory Marine: “Today’s announcement is the result of months of hard work to create a completely new design, also carrying out simulations of behavior in a racing context. I really enjoyed working with Sophi to produce this model which will compete in the world’s first electric propulsion boat championship. Now that the design has been finalized, we will start with the engineering part and with the production of the boat, in view of the moment in which we can test the prototype. After that the teams will prepare to receive their first boat. We at Victory Marine consider the E1 Series the best test bed for cutting-edge solutions that will forever change the future of navigation ”

Dr. Raffaele Chiulli, President of UIM, concluded: “As the International Federation of Powerboating we are happy to be part of this moment, a milestone in the development of the sport of powerboating. The futuristic design of the RaceBird, combined with the use of foils in the E1 Series, reflects the pioneering spirit of this initiative and is a source of inspiration in looking at the challenges it faces today.

Unveiled the day before World Oceans Day, the RaceBird is the symbol of the future ambitions of the E1 Series: to revolutionize marine mobility and reduce the pressure exerted on the fragile marine ecosystems around the world.

The next appointment to keep an eye on, in RaceBird’s development path, is that of September 2021 when, at the Monaco Yacht Show, the first model ever will be presented, while tests on the prototype will begin in the late winter of this year.

During the virtual event, Agag also confirmed that the E1 Series has obtained funding from the Public Investment Fund (PIF). The partnership represents a significant step forward in the development of the championship over the long term, providing a solid foundation for the Series and allowing to accelerate the preparations for the inaugural season, which is expected to start in late 2023.

To watch the entire event, visit the E1 Series YouTube channel

Source : PressMare