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Florida Superyacht , Sustainable Concept


This Sustainable Superyacht Concept Runs On Sun, Wind, And Even Hydrogen

As the race to develop more sustainable transportation mounts in intensity, automakers aren’t the only ones dreaming up futuristic EV innovations.

In fact, we’ve seen a number of such designs come from the superyacht industry, with each one promising game-changing developments like hybrid-diesel powertrains and even built-in biofuel generators.

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That said, this concept from Kurk Strand Design has to be one of the most forward-thinking to date, as it enables a 90% reduction in fossil fuel consumption.

Christened ‘Florida,’ it’s a 160-meter (525-foot) superyacht with a trio of 80-meter (262-foot) wing sails.

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But here’s the catch: in addition to providing the vessel with wind propulsion, each structure also doubles as a solar panel, generating electricity to be stored below deck. What’s more, it comes with a pair of hydroelectric turbines in the hull that further contribute to the available power supply.

As such, should there be days lacking in both wind and sun, the 5MW battery bank can even be used for onboard hydrogen production.

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When you consider that the Florida features a large swimming pool, a suite of different personal aquatic vehicles, and even a two-story bar, the result is a ship that’s as eco-friendly as it is extravagant.

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