Flax 27. The daysailer built in recycled and natural materials.

Daysailer Flax 27

This eight-meter sailboat is built at the Greenboats shipyard in Bremen, Germany, under the signature of the Judel / Vroilijk studio

The Flax 27 has an image of a daysailer, a coastal sailing sailboat, with a classic design cut, using new materials with natural or recycled components, which are being added in the nautical industry.

The boat is built with natural fiber composites. Her hull is made of linen, but also recycled plastic bottles or cork. More than 80% of the hull structure uses these reclaimed materials.

Linen and cork are common materials in kitesurfing boards, without a doubt, in nautical they will have a special future both in large lengths and in sailboats such as the Flax 27.

Shipbuilder Friedrich J. Deimann says: “People are primarily fascinated by the grace and aesthetics of the product. If in the second step, when they also know the origin of the materials, many can no longer hide their enthusiasm ”.

According to the shipyard, she on the water she responds like a fast sailboat with light winds and very agile behavior. The Flax 27 allows up to three crew members to enjoy a full sailing day.

This boat responds to an evolution of the JV26 design that the Judel / Vrolijk studio launched in 2012. The Flax 27 is on sale for 156,000 euros.

Technical characteristics: Flax 27

Length: 8.20 meters

Beam: 2.25 meters

Draft: 0.60 / 1.40 m

Displacement: 1.20 tons

Ballast: 340 kg