“Fit for 55” Green Pact for Climate Change in navigation


Fit for 55, the objective of the Green Deal of Europe

The EU Green Deal and its impact on recreational boating

The European Commission for the Green Deal and the Commission for Climate Change, presented in July the “Fit for 55″ plan of the European Commission with the aim of reducing emissions in 2030 by 55% compared to 1990 levels. A real challenge that will involve all sectors, including recreational boating.

The key points of “Fit for 55” will impact the navigation sectors and affect all those who own or manage a pleasure boat, as well as all support services such as marinas, charters, boat builders, and suppliers of equipment.

The main objective is the reduction of emissions necessary for the “energy transition”.

This action aims to reduce the use of fuels from non-renewable energy sources and their release of pollutants into the atmosphere.

The plan identifies several “energy transition points” of which some technological developments are already evident in the nautical world as we can see for example in the market segment related to superyachts in some of the new innovative “ecological” models.

The “key issues” are:

Hydrogen: promotion and promotion of intersectoral initiatives, aimed at bringing new developments in the nautical world.

Fuel cells: research on various applications both in the marine and automotive industries. They should also be crossed as propulsion / power alternatives for pleasure craft.

Energy storage: extensive market research on the sector of electric vehicles (EV) and stationary batteries in the industry in general.
Which will lead to further improvements in battery power density, power-to-weight ratio, and hopefully better life cycle results.

Alternative fuels: Continuation of capital raising, dialogue and support for investors in synthetic fuels and biogas and a strong relationship with European developers.